Luxury Wash

Give Your Investment The Cleaning It Deserves

Luxury wash: Don't let your prized possession deteriorate due to improper washing! Automatic washes use brushes and harsh chemicals. Manual washes trust that you know what you're doing. Bring it in to Detail Driven and let us give your vehicle the care it deserves.

luxury wash: your vehicle deserves better than an automatic wash

Luxury wash: what’s the scoop? Here at Detail Driven we make sure to use the best practices to keep your paint looking great. It’s extremely easy to induce scratches, swirls, marring, and even leave water spots on paint. This all is done by improper washing techniques. You wouldn’t think to wash your vehicle with steel wool…but when you take your vehicle to an automatic wash, you’re trusting their brushes not to scratch the life out of your paint. Even with a hand wash, there is still a risk of leaving scratches or swirling on the paint job.

a luxury wash in the hands of trained professionals will last much longer than an automatic or at home wash

With this service we begin with a dedicated bucket for wheels and wheel wells to eliminate cross
contamination. Jams are all pressure washed and the main washing starts. Using two buckets and
specifically designed ultra-soft black foam sponges are used to clean up the paint. Depending on the
condition of the vehicle we either do a traditional or rinse less wash. Guaranteed to not scratch your

A luxury wash done by trained professionals can prevent against scratches
Your prized possession deserves a luxury wash rather than a hand wash
Trust Detail Driven to give your vehicle the luxury wash it deserves

Luxury Wash: The Confidence of Trusting Your Vehicle Wash to Professionals

The Best Wash in Good Hands

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You'll agree that a luxury wash will leave your vehicle looking crisp

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Your vehicle is a prized possession. Let us help you give it the protection it deserves!