The Suit of Armor Your Prized Possession Deserves

Ceramic Coatings:

Ceramic Coatings: FUSION PLUS ™ Paint & PPF is a flexible and thin, 9H ceramic coating, purposely developed to perform with PPF (paint protection film) and painted surfaces. FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating offers unrivaled gloss, superior hydrophobic protection, and improved scratch resistance with a single layer application.

Why Xpel?

Ceramic coatings are much thicker than a standard wax and have a chemical bond with the clearcoat. Coatings of this type are designed to make car maintenance a breeze. Rather than having to wash and wax every time, all you’ll need to do is bring your vehicle by to us for a maintenance detail to keep things looking fresh! Deep gloss and extreme water beading are something you have to experience.

XPel Fusion Plus is one of the top brands of coatings out there. This coating offers total surface protection from paint, wheels, plastics and glass. Get in touch with us and see which of our packages works for you!

Ceramic Coatings: Miles Beyond Traditional Waxing

Our technicians are trained to apply XPel Fusion Plus. This gives your paint job an unsurpassed suit of armor that will keep your vehicle looking pristine. Its a difference you have to see to believe!

Signature Features:

  • Provides protection from the elements: Forumlated to protect against damaging UV rays, oxidation, insect acids, corrosion, and contaminants.
  • Repels water, dirt, & road grime: provides hodrophobic and self-cleaning properties
  • Resists stains & chemical etching: Prevents discoloration from oils, pollutants, and other environmental impurities
  • Improves surface clarity: Increases color depth, leaving paint or PPF with a smooth and slick finish with a 4 year warranty.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is a labor intensive process that takes years to master. This service is extremely crucial to achieving the highest quality shine out of your car’s paint by removing paint defects. Paint defects can include scratches, swirl marks, haze, oxidation, sanding marks, and polishing trails (holograms) left from an operator using polishing tools improperly.

Paint correction is a process that takes highly trained hands. We thoroughly wash and decontaminate the vehicles finish. Our wash process will strip any wax or sealant from the paint to show “naked” paint so all defects can be visible. Paint thickness is measured to help us safely compound and polish paint. Paint measurements can be recorded for the customer if desired.

An experienced vehicle specialist will use a combination of compound and polish to lightly abrade the paint to remove paint imperfections. This process can range from 1-3 different stages of correction.

The total cost of this process is determined by the condition of the paint and the level of refinement desired. The more time spent polishing, the more refined and defect-free surface you will have. Following the correction process, we strongly recommend our ceramic coatings for years of protection.

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