Porsche 911 Barn Find Exterior Detail

 In this captivating ASMR video, embark on a mesmerizing journey as we clean up a long-forgotten Porsche barn find to its glory. From the first glimpse of the dilapidated vehicle nestled among dusty surroundings, witness the careful extraction from its hiding place, invoking a sense of anticipation. As the camera captures every delicate brushstroke and gentle wipe, the viewer is treated to the soothing sounds of cleaning tools caressing the vintage car’s surface, creating a symphony of satisfaction. Step by step, the accumulated dirt and grime are tenderly removed, revealing the timeless beauty hidden beneath. The combination of detailed close-ups and immersive audio transport the audience into the realm of restoration, invoking a sense of tranquility and awe. Ultimately, this ASMR experience provides a sensorial escape, allowing viewers to indulge in the therapeutic process of resurrecting a Porsche barn find, savoring each satisfying moment along the way.

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Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film by xPel applied to a hood

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coating compound on the bumper of an M5

Windshield Protection Film

Apply windshield protection film and have peace of mind against expensive damage!

Paint Correction

Paint correction gets rid of swirls and scratches for a mirror like shine

Maintenance Detail

Maintenance detail performed to keep this vehicle looking top notch

Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl wrap on a vehicle with camouflage